10 Playboy Playmates Who Were Criminals

10 stunningly and beautiful Playboy Playmates who were involved with crimes.


Kristina and Karissa Shannon


These twins were hot enough to actually live with Hef in the Playboy mansion for a little while. They were not hot enough to avoid being charged with aggravated assault after they attacked a woman in a bar. Just this October, Kristina was also charged with a DUI after rolling her SUV. Karissa was in the car with her sister.

Colleen Shannon


Colleen Shannon’s crime was getting her boyfriend into the country from Canada. Turns out he had a criminal record and therefore could not legally immigrate. Shannon snuck him into the country through an Indian Reservation but the pair were eventually caught. Shannon served four months in prison for her part in the plot.


Louise Glover


Glover, originally from England, met Hugh Hefner at a party and was soon made a playmate. While Glover might look sophisticated, she’s apparently ridiculously jealous. When she was clubbing one night she saw a woman hitting on her ex-husband. Glover first threw a drink on her, then followed her into the bathroom and slammed the woman’s head into a wall. Glover was found guilty of assault and was given a suspended sentence.


Swetlana Maslowskaya


This German super-hottie only gave up her modeling career once she was able to marry a millionaire. It appears the former playmate loved money so much that she didn’t want to give any to the government. She was eventually charged with tax evasion and was sentenced to two years in jail.


Tanya Beyer


When Tanya Beyer wasn’t impressing everyone with her ample assets, she was apparently working as part of a drug trafficking operation. Her plot was hatched when she became addicted to painkillers and started doctor shopping. She would have one doctor after another write her a prescription, take some of the pills and sell the rest. Eventually she was caught and sent to jail for a few months


Angela Dorian


Dorian committed the worst crime on this list, considering she was convicted of murdering her husband. She did the deed in 2011 and was sentenced to nine years in prison for manslaughter.


Dorothy Stratton


Dorothy Stratten is another Playmate on this list not because she committed a crime, but because she was a victim. Stratten was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend and manager when she left him for another man. He then killed himself.


Star Stowe


Unfortunately this hotty’s involvement in a crime wasn’t as the perpetrator but as the victim. After her Playmate days were over, Stowe became a stripper and then a prostitute. In 1997, Stowe’s body was found strangled to death. It is suspected she was killed by a client or her pimp but her killer was never found.


Jennifer Lyn Jackson


Jackson’s star didn’t burn bright for long. After appearing as a Playmate, she married and moved to a trailer park. There, she was arrested for a DUI, stealing cigarettes and a rolling machine from a gas station and finally for drunkenly harassing a neighbor in the trailer park.


Kia Terrell Drayton


Kia found herself trouble while she was out traveling with her boyfriend. The playmate of the month for December, 2006, and her lover were arrested when a hotel maid found a kilo of cocaine and a handgun in their room. Luckily for Kia, her boyfriend plead guilty to everything and said she had nothing to do with the drugs or gun. She went free, he got 10 years in prison.

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