1000 Ways To Die – Part 1

If you are not smart, you can still be able to do great things with your life. But if you are dumb, then it is a completely different story, because death is not kind to the dumb

1. King Martin of Argon died of indigestion when he ate an entire goose and his court jester made a joke that made him laugh uncontrollably.

King Martin of Argon

2. When King Charles II of Navarra was sick, his doctor ordered him to be wrapped in linen and covered in brandy. Unfortunately, instead of cutting the last thread of linen with scissors, the nurse thought it’d be a great idea to burn it off, effectively grilling the King alive.

King Charles II of Navarra burns alive

3. One video game addict in South Korea decided he was going to play a game called Star Craft for 50 hours straight, only stopping for bathroom breaks. He died of dehydration and heart failure.

died from playing star craft

4. Although told to stay in the safari vehicle, two German tourists got out and were instantly killed by three tigers.

killed by tigers

5. A Russian man bet two girls he could go all night with them for $3,000. To win the bet, he took an ungodly amount of Viagra. It must’ve been a good night…up until his heart exploded and he died.

died by taking too much viagra