The Cat Bubba Visited School So Much And Became An Student

Bubba spends pretty much all of his time outdoors, hanging out at Leland High School or Bret Harte Middle School. He’s become quite well-known among the students at both campuses, as well as a sort of local celebrity. Bubba is allowed to wander through the school hallways and hang out in classrooms, meowing whenever he wants to be let in or out.

This is Bubba.


Amber Marienthal of San Jose brought Bubba into her home in 2009


She quickly realized that the cat loved hanging around at the nearby school to get a little affection from the students.


The kids liked Bubba so much that they eventually made him an official student.


He also snagged a coveted cover spot on the school’s newsletter


Bubba loves keeping an eye on his human friends


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