23 Hilarious Pictures Of What People Did To Their Drunk Friends

Imaginations and creativity can run wild when people tend to their drunk friends. We have collected 23 pictures of such arts, from the guy who has candies in his butt to a young man with intricate face paint. Let this be a lesson, abuse alcohol all you want, just don’t get wasted with certain friends around.

1. Who wants to play fruit ninja

He is now a vegan man

2. I am Spiderman

I am Spiderman

3. Someone is having fun coloring

A lot of coloring

4. Gotta have cigarette even in sleep

Gotta have cig

5. He is a pirate princess

He is a pirate princess

6. They see me chillin’ and they hatin’

Duck tape drunk friend

7. Why not color the whole body

Would not color the whole body

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