This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men. Do you Agree

There are many researches show that women live longer than men. Some believe this has to do with lifestyles, genetics or jobs. But I think it is just has to do with guys being guys. Take a look at these 25 pictures and then tell me if it is obvious why women outlive men.

1. This is the safest way to cut tree

Dangerous way of cutting tree

2. This is not going to end well

Playing with fire

3. At least he is not afraid of heights

Painting window

4. Do not skip chemistry or physic classes

Way to get electrocuted

5. Looks totally secure, I hope he has insurances

How to fix your car

6. You are not Harry Potter

You are not Harry Potter

7. Once again, guys and their ladders

Dangerous way to paint wall

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