13 People Who Are Reading The Wrong Books In Public

When you read out in public, chances are people are going to notice what book you are reading. It’s all a part of the curious nature of humans, after all people assume the books you read say a lot about who you are as a person. The people on this list forgot to care, and decided to read some poorly chosen material in public places, causing hilarious photos to be snapped and shared with the world.

1. How to meet women on the subway

How to meet girl on subway

2. It is not what you are reading but how you are holding the book


3. How to never eat alone and he is eating sandwich lunch alone. I sure hope the book will help

How to never eat alone

4. I Love The Face You’re Making… Oh Wait, That’s Your Book

prefect angel

5. He is reading for women only, he also like to live dangerously

Guy reading a book for women only