You Won’t Believe How Small These 25 Countries Are

1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Area: 389 square km. This small Caribbean island country is very densely populated and its economy relies almost exclusively on bananas.

2. Antigua and Barbuda


Area: 442 square km. This twin island nation got the nickname “Land of 365 Beaches” for obvious reasons.

3. Maldives


Area: 300 square km. The Maldives are the smallest nation in Asia both in size and population.

4. Kiribati


Area: 811 square km. Although its 33 islands don’t cover much land area, they are spread out over more than 3.5 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

5. Barbados


Area: 430 square km. Despite being an Atlantic Island, Barbados is considered part of the Caribbean and is known for its strong tourist industry.

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