Girl Is Pissed Off And The Reason Behind It Will Make You Go WTF

A girl fell in love with this dress on eBay and she brought it. This is suppose to be a happy moment for her.

girl like a dress on ebay

The seller posted pictures of herself wearing this dress, and she looks sexy in this dress as well

Sexy model in see through dress

Doesn’t matter how you look at the dress, it is prefect. It shows the curves of a sexy lady.

sexy girl in see through dress

As soon as the dress came, the girl put it on. It doesn’t look right

buyer in a dress

The girl is pissed off and think she got ripped off because she didn’t look as good as the model and the seller in this dress

fat girl in a skinny dress

But I don’t think dress is the problem. It was the body in that dress

girl pissed off

What do you think, is it the dress or the girl?

Oh my eyes

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