A Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon And Does The Unexpected

Wildlife photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth captured these amazing photos. A lioness went in to kill the mother baboon and found a baby baboon next to her. Instead of killing the baby baboon, lioness cared and protected the baboon from other lions. Baby baboon was later reunited with his father

The frightened baby baboon attempting to climb a nearby tree.

Lioness find a baboon

Evan and Lisa thought they were about to photograph a moment of death…

lioness and baby baboon

…but instead, the lioness did something amazing: Not only did she not eat the baby baboon, she gently pawed at it and picked it up.

wild lioness

“The baby was showing signs of physical harm and fatigue from the whole ordeal,” Evan told National Geographic.

lioness in nature

“The lioness picked the baby up in her mouth—it was in agony watching the baby’s ordeal—and I kept on turning off the video option on my camera because it was hard to record.”

baby baboon

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