Man Goes Blind In One Eye By Doing Something You’re Probably Doing If You Wear Contacts

Chad Groeschen knows all too well the damage that can occur and shared his story with BuzzFeed to prevent others from experiencing the same fate .Some of this content is a bit graphic. If you’re squeamish, you might want to skip this one.

Meet Chad Groeschen.


He would wear contacts for up to a week straight, often bathing and sleeping in them. One day, his eyes began itching, but he just chalked it up to allergies. But one night, he woke up to cloudy vision in his left eye, and a serious headache akin to sinus pressure. He decided to go to the doctor to see what was going on.

The news he got from the physician wasn’t what he expected


Doctors discovered that the cause of this discomfort was Pseudomonas bacteria.


While they were able to stop the infection, the damage was already done


Groeschen is currently completely blind in his left eye


If you’re a contact wearer, always remember to take good care of your lenses


Never ever sleep in lenses, replace them frequently. Be safe all