Women Offers Polices Oral Sex In Hope To Avoid Tickets

The officers claimed that this 24 year old failed a drunk-driving test, and landed a score twice the legal limit. She also had some pot and cocaine on her.


While being detained, she tried to bribe the deputy Brian Sudbrink, who wisely called in for backup. She offered to give him a blowjob. Two other deputies (Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle) arrived shortly to investigate the drugs in her car.


That was when the young woman offered to perform fellatio on the two newly arrived officers, in exchange of letting her go. They didn’t accept the generous offer and later wrote in their report: “The defendant stated repeatedly that she would perform fellatio [and] other sex acts if deputy would not charge her with the offences she was arrested for.” Thanks to her attempt at prostituting herself to the cops, miss Engert added another charge to drunk-driving and drug possession – bribery.


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