17 Bizarre And Freakish Creatures… #16 Is A Must See

Alexander Semenov is a Russian zoologist. Employed by the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS), he started taking his camera with him while going on dives and captured pictures of these freakish tiny sea creatures from Russia’s White Sea.

1. Alitta (Nereis) virens

Alitta (Nereis) virens

2. Hyperia galba

Only growing up to 12 mm (0.5 in) in length. It is so tiny and it lives in the flesh of jellyfish

Hyperia galba

3. Cirratulus Cirratus

Cirratulus cirratus, a bristle worm that shows itself here in its cocoon form

Cirratulus cirratus

4. Pseudopotamilla Reniformis

Coryphella polaris

5. Dendronotus Dalii

Dendronotus dalii

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