Incredible Transformation Of Abused Dog Kingsley

Kingsley’s caretaker is known to abuse and starve small dogs. Kingsley was found tied to a tree in the middle of the countryside. His fur was so matted that his rescuers could barely discern his breed.

After years of being abused and starved, Kingsley looked like a used mop when the rescuers found him

Kingsley looks like a used mop

Several wounds were discovered on Kingsley’s skin. It is clear that he has suffered years of cruelty

There are several wounds

Kingsley is extremely uneasy around people

Kingsley is uneasy around people

All changed when Kingsley met his new forever home

Kingsley has a new home

Now Kingsley likes to snuggle and eat fresh vegetables

Kingsley likes to snuggle

Kingsley’s mom wrote on Imgur, “He’s come such a long way, and it’s been a battle sometimes. But when he’s snuggled in my lap and gently gives my hand or face a kiss, I know how grateful he is and how it’s all worth it.”

Kingsley living happily

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