You Won’t Believe What These Kids Have To Go Through To Get To School

How do you get to school everyday? Your parent drive you? You walk a few blocks? Ride air conditioned school bus or maybe you drive yourself to school. And yet most of us still complain about going to school in the morning. What if I tell you some kids travel on foot for 5 hours just so they can go to school. Don’t take everything for granted, learn to appreciate things around you.

1. Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

Children must climb up unsecured wooden ladders to get to school.

Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

If it seems hard to climb up. Imagine how hard it will be to climb back down.

Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

2. Lebak, Indonesia

Kids have to climb across a damaged suspension bridge to get to school

Lebak, Indonesia

3. India

They have to cross a bridged created by the roots of this giant tree


4. Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia

On their way to and from school they must scale across a tightrope suspended 30 feet above a river

Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia

5. Gula, China

Children must travel along a narrow path that measures only 1 foot wide for 5-hours in order to attend a remote school in Gula, China.

Gula, China Gula, China

6. Kerala, India

They have to boat to school

Kerala, India

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