Beginner guide to Pokemon Master

Pokémon Masters is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS developed and published by DeNA. It was released in the summer of 2019. It allows players to battle various Pokémon Trainers from the core series games. The game is very easy to play, but it involves a lot of grinding and min-maxing if you want to be the best pokemon trainer among your friends.

Pokemon Master - must read beginner guide

We have collected some of the best Pokemon Master tips and guides to help you become the very best.

How to get more trainers and pokemon (Sync Pairs)?

Trainer and pokemon duos are called Sync Pairs in this game. There are two ways to get more sync pairs:

  1. Completing the story. As you complete the chapters, you will be rewarded with quite a few sync pairs. For example, you get Rosa and Snivy pair after you completed chapter one.
  2. Gacha scouting. This is where you will spend 300 jewels to pull a random character. The sync pair you get is random, but there are some events that will give you higher chance of getting a particular sync pair. If a player rolls a Pokemon Masters Sync Pair they already own, they’ll get an upgrade for one of that Sync Pairs attacks

What are the different types of Sync Pairs?

Currently there are three types of Sync Pairs, support, tech and strike

  1. Support: focus on stat-boosting abilities
  2. Tech: supports that use status effects
  3. Strike: offensive, main damage dealers

Which sync pair should you upgrade first?

For beginner, just focus on any 5 stars or 4 stars strike pair first. The game gets fairly easier when you have one strike and two supports. Rosa and Snivy pair that you get for free is worth upgrading first.

How to get more jewels?

You will get free jewels for completing quests for the first time. Some missions also have jewels as reward. If you don’t mind paying, cash shop is the quickest way to get jewels.

How to evolve pokemon?

Most pokemons can’t evolve. If you do have one that can, you will need evolution shards or crystals to evolve your pokemons. Pokemon will be able to evolve once at level 30 and once at level 45.

Last must read tip for Pokemon Master

It can be easy to forget if you are barreling through story quests, but head back to the main screen and check your missions on your Poryphone in the right corner of the screen. These missions don’t need to be accepted ahead of time, and give you rewards for doing things like obtaining a certain type of item, competing battles, or evolving a Pokémon. There are “general” missions as well as “daily” missions that you can complete every day. Your reward is often gems and Level-up Manuals, both of which you will often be short on otherwise.

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