Complete guide on how to pass AFK Arena Peaks of Time campaign – Secret of the Forest

Secret of the Forest is a chapter in the Peaks of Time campaign for the popular mobile gacha game AFK Arena. It is the third chapter of the campaign and rewards player with Dura’s artifact. This artifact is great for hero that have high critical strike change. Let’s take a look at the artifact’s attributes:

The major challenger players face with this chapter is that vines will grow after each battle. So if you didn’t follow the correct path, the main treasure chest will be permanently blocked off and you’ll have to restart.

We provided two ways for you to pass the Secret of the Forest challenge. We recommend you to follow the first method if you only care about the artifact, but if you want to get all the treasures in this stage of Peaks of Time campaign, then you have to follow the second method.

Method One: Permanently stop the vines from growing by battling 5 camps

One method to overcome this problem is defeating the 5 camps listed below. For some reason, maybe this is intentionally done by Lilith Games, defeating the 5 enemy camps below will permanently stop anymore vines from growing on the map. So you can just battle your way to the chest in any order you like.

Method Two: Follow specific path and get all the treasures

Battle enemies following this path
Tap on this encampment
It will turn into a camp
Now you need defeat this camp with Wilders team in order to unlock the path. You only need 3 wilder heros.
If you do not have a strong wilder team, you can kill some enemies with your strongest team, then do the battle again with your wilders team.
Now the hidden path is unlocked
Follow the path
Go through the opening
Go to the right
There is the chest, you made it!
Time to get your Dura’s artifact

This is all, not so hard is it? If you like this tutorial, be sure to check out other AFK Arena guides from us.

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