How to reroll and get best legendary hunter for free in Evil Hunter Tycoon

In Evil Hunter Tycoon, reroll is the best and easiest way to start the game with best legendary hunter. Because there is no mandatory tutorial in this game, you can reroll right after installing the game and each reroll takes no more than a minute to do.

How to reroll in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

It is very easy to do reroll in Evil Hunter Tycoon, just following the step by step guide below and you will find yourself with best legendary hunters for free.

Download the game, open mail and get all the rewards

Tap on the Mail icon near the top right corner of the screen and tap Receive All to get all the new player rewards.

Invite Arcane Hunter with gems

Tap on the Hunter Waiting near top right of the screen, then Tap on Free Invitation next to Invite Arcane Hunter. This allows one invite after watching an AD. After this you will be able to invite one hunter for 45 gems. You will be able to invite 4 hunters in total for this step.

Invite Arcane Hunter with gems

Tap Town Storage then Special. Here you have 5 hunter invitation scrolls.

Rinse and repeat until you get the legendary hunter you want

Delete and reinstall the game if you didn’t get the hunters you wanted. Do this as many times as you want until you get the legendary hunters you want for free. I started the game with 2 legendary and 3 heroic hunters with this reroll guide. Be sure to also check our guide on What is the best hunter class and characteristic in Evil Hunter Tycoon so you know which hunter to keep.

Happy gaming and good luck with getting the legendary hunter in Evil Hunter Tycoon.

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