Evil Hunter Tycoon: How to get the best hunters

Evil Hunter Tycoon is a SIM like game where you kill monsters and save the world, but you will need to invite hunters to help you with this task. In another word, this game is all about hunters. Hunters help you gather resources, kill monsters and rebuild the city. A good hunter will speed up your game progress much faster than an average one. In this guide, we will show you how to choose the best hunter for this game.

How to get more hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

There are a few ways to invite hunters in this game. From to time hunters will come to your city on their own. You can also use invitation scrolls to summon hunters to your city. Lastly, you can use gems, premium in-game currency, to invite arcane hunters.

Hunter’s class in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

There are currently 4 classes. Berserker, Ranger, Paladin and Sorcerer.

  • Berserker: Warrior with decent attack and defense. Can change class into Dualist or Slayer.
  • Ranger: DPS with high damage but low defense. Can change class into HawkEye or Sniper.
  • Paladin: Tank with high defense and ok damage. Can change class into Crusader or Templar.
  • Sorcerer: DPS with high damage but low defense. Can change class into ArchMage or DarkMage.

What is the best Hunter class in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Hunter classes are ranked in this order Ranger > Sorcerer > Paladin > Berserker. Ranger is able to kite the monsters due to their ability to slow. Sorcerer doesn’t have the kite that Ranger has, but they have ice shield. Paladin is needed to tank the dungeons and bosses. Berserker is in a very awkward position, not able to out damage Ranger or Sorcerer and not able to out tank Paladin. The key here is to find a balance in your team. So I will recommend you to get two of each in the early game.

Hunter’s rarity in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Hunter tiers are ranked in this order: Legendary > Heroic > Superior > Rare > Normal. Due to how easy it is to get hunters in this game, it is not recommended that you keep any hunter below Superior tier.

What is the best Hunter characteristic in Evil Hunter Tycoon?

Each hunter has a trait called characteristic. This can either have a beneficial or negative effect on the hunter. Even though you can change the characteristic of hunters via Random Characteristic Elixir. It is recommended that you keep the hunter with a good characteristic and banish the bad one.

Best Hunter characteristic

  • Swift: increase ATK SPD by 10%
  • Strong: increase ATK by 10%
  • Skinny: decrease Food consumption by 20%
  • Sharp: increase CRIT by 3%
  • Rich: find more gold when hunting by 20%
  • Optimistic: decrease Mood consumption by 2%
  • Nimble: increase Evasion by 3%
  • Man of Steel: decrease damage taken by 10%
  • Heroic: increase ATK SPD, ATK and movement speed by 7%
  • Gambler: increase enchantment success rate by 5%
  • Fast Runner: increase movement speed by 10%
  • Energetic: decrease Stamina consumption by 20%
  • Charismatic: help party’s stats when in the Dungeon and Coliseum by 5%
  • Careless: sell items 20% cheaper

Worst Hunter characteristic

  • Thickheaded: decrease ATK SPD by 10%
  • Stingy: sell items 20% more expensive
  • Sluggish: decrease Evasion by 3%
  • Slow: decrease movement speed by 10%
  • Pessimistic: increase Mood consumption by 20%
  • Overweight: increase Food consumption by 20%
  • Laggard: decrease EXP gain by 10%
  • Fragile: decrease ATK by 10%
  • Dull: decrease CRIT by 3%
  • Dead Weight: burden party’s stats when in the Dungeon and Coliseum by 5%
  • Coward: always runs away early when hunting with just a few hits
  • Baggy Eyes: increase Stamina consumption by 20%

Useless Hunter characteristic

  • YOLO: never runs away
  • Scared of Hospital: afraid when going to the Infirmary; always leave from hunting with low HP
  • Rude: no effect
  • Ordinary: no effect
  • Naughty: no effect
  • Internet Troll: no effect
  • Fearless: does not run away from the battle
  • Addict: makes a weird noise when consuming a potion

This is all there is to know about picking the best hunters for your city. Good luck on drawing legendary hunters and happy playing Evil Hunter Tycoon.

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