Eve Echoes New Story Mission Rewards ( Last Updated Jan 26, 2021)

Eve Echoes has updated all the story missions and rewards recently. You can find all the updated story mission below for Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr and Gallente.

Gallente Story Mission Rewards

  1. Super Soft Drink (T6) – 35M
  2. Modern World (T8) – 40M
  3. Business Magnate (T8) – 50M
  4. Sweet Poison (T10) – 250M

Amarr Story Mission Rewards

  1. Spark of rebellion (T6) – 35M
  2. Divine Redemption (T8) – 35M
  3. True Divine Trial (T8) – 60M
  4. Friends By Blood (T10) – 250M

Minmatar Story Mission Rewards

  1. For Freedom (T6) – 25M
  2. Disaster Relief (T8) – 35M
  3. Matar Reborn (T8) – 80M
  4. Angel Or Devil (T10) – 300M

Caldari Story Mission Rewards

  1. For Patriotism (T6) – 25M
  2. Mega Corporation (T8) – 30M
  3. A Soldier’s Day (T8) – 55M
  4. Bad Hare Day (T10) – 300M

This is all the updated story missions and their rewards for Eve Echoes. After the update, Bad Hare Day is the easiest T10 story mission, which is why its book is the most expensive one.