Best free Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters

Even though most of the best sync pairs in Pokémon Masters can only be obtained through scouting using jewels, some of the top sync pairs are free to unlock as you progress through story mode. Below are the top 5 free sync pairs you can unlocked in Pokémon Masters

Viola and Surskit

You can unlock Viola and Surskit pair during chapter 14. They are the first good tech sync pair you can get for free.

This strong bug-type Sync Pair can evolve once into Masquerain and offers solid Defense and Special Defense stats.

Barry and Piplup

Barry and Piplup can be unlocked early at chapter 2. This pair is special because it is one of the few sync pairs that can evolve TWICE, first to Prinplup and finally to Empoleon.

Empoleon has one of the highest Special Attack stats in Pokémon Masters. The passive skill, Power Flux 5, allows this pair to deal tremendous amount of damage when the move gauge is full. The mechanic is very simple, fuller the move gauge, the more this powers up moves.

Koga and Crobat

Koga and Crobat is obtained much later in the game at chapter 16. This free sync pair has high speed stat which can be further increased with the X Speed stat and its passive, Haste, projected it from being debuffed.

It also has a skill called Poison Fang, which is a poison attack that has a chance of inflicting progressively increasing poison damage. You can pair this with Venoshock to inflict double damage.

Korrina and Lucario

You will unlock this free pair after completion of chapter 6. This is probably your first sync pair that can Mega Evolve.

Lucario is a lighting fast damage dealer that can finish off many enemies with a single blow of Close Combat.

Rosa and Snivy

Rosa and Snivy is by far the best free sync pair you can get in Pokemon Master. You can unlock this grass-type pair in the very first story chapter and they will carry you throughout your Pokemon journey.

This free sync pair has the highest defensive stats among all sync pairs. They are sorta like a tank that can shied other fragile pairs during battle. They also have awesome support skills such as X Sp. Atk All that can increase the attack of all allied sync pairs and Time to Energize that will increase the move gauges of all allied sync pairs by three.

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